Face-it, we needed it


A DISAPPOINTING shopping experience was the catalyst for Nicole Jureidini’s world-first business idea.

She created Face-it, a disposable face scarf designed for use in women’s fitting rooms.

The scarf protects clothes from makeup, sunscreen and perspiration.

“In 2002, for my birthday I was given a top and the colour didn’t suit me, so I went back to the store to exchange it,” Ms Jureidini said.

“I tried on five things and three I wanted to buy, but they had marks on them. I ended up leaving the store with nothing.”

She said stores such as Wolford and Hugo Boss were successfully using Face-it scarfs and in the process had saved money on expensive dry-cleaning of marked garments.

“It works out to be about 30c per scarf which is much cheaper than dry-cleaning a garment,” she said. “In this economic climate, a lot of retailers are looking at how they can cut costs.”

Having searched the world for a similar product, Ms Jureidini realised hers was an original idea. She went through lengthy patenting and trademark processes to ensure she protected her invention.

Despite the success of the company, she also maintained a part-time job as a dental hygienist.

“I am working all the time,” she said. “We have now started online purchasing and we have had interest from overseas.”

Ms Jureidini ensured all production of the product and its packaging were completed in Australia.

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