Face-it: Stores introduce change room face veil to keep clothes clean


Shoppers are being asked to don the protective mask to try on clothes by retailers sick of stock getting stained by heavy lipstick and makeup.

MaxMara, Country Road and Max & Co have already taken up the product, with large department stores in discussions to roll-out the “Face-It” scarves in their change rooms.

Face-It inventor Nicole Jureidini said her product is made from the same material as surgeon theatre caps and stocked in more than 200 stores nationally.

Ms Jureidini said the idea came from her mother, who used to wear a scarf to try on clothes, and from the masks she saw in her job as a dental hygienist.

“In my mind it’s a bit like dental floss,” she said. “When it first came out nobody knew about it or wanted to use it and now everyone wants to know more.”

High-end Sydney fashion boutique Library Woman has started using the masks and manager Jackie D’Sylva told news.com.au they were saving hundreds of dollars each month in forced discounting and dry-cleaning bills.

“Women don’t understand that when they do have makeup and lipstick on that it is a big hazard to the clothing,” Ms D’Sylva said. “Particularly because all our shirts are white.

“They’ll try ten shirts on but they only need to use one scarf, so it’s worthwhile because it saves us dry-cleaning 10 products. I think they should be mandatory in all stores.”

The Sydney store manager said the product had been well received by her customers with some even wanting to purchase the product to wear while getting dressed at home.

Shopper Carla Cutrone said she surprised at first when asked to apply a Face-It scarf but said it “made sense”.

“It does feel a bit weird when you first put it on, and I guess it looks a bit strange too but I actually reckon it’s a great idea,” Ms Cutrone said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if more stores started making you wear them.

“It’s often quite frustrating when you go to buy a dress and the only one left in your size has makeup all over it because someone else has ruined it with foundation.”

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